Gazzeri experience...From the hills to the sea

Gazzeri is situated in a strategic position on the border between Piedmont and Liguria but also near to Lombardy and Emilia thus offering visitors a mulitude of experiences and opportunities:
-  natural pathways and landscapes
-  pathways and local wildlife
-  pathways leading to hamlets and castles
-  pathways for sport or relaxation
-  food and wine pathways
-  the roads of wine and vineyards
-  pathways of ‘the dolci terre’      
-  chestnut and mushroom pathways
-  pathways of truffles
-  landscapes near to us...


At Gazzeri you can enjoy your holiday with your horse. The estate offers stables, a sheltered field and paddock immersed in the lush green environment of the Appennino. Here, lovers of horse riding and trekking can venture out along the pathways to Lavagnina Lake in the Tobbio and Colma Mountainside. Whilst, enjoying an area with a rich variety of flora and fauna and viewing the ‘Capanne di Marcarolo’ natural park, from a new perspective, it is possible for riders to cross the park using the pathways and arrive in nearby Liguria.