Gazzeri experience...From the hills to the sea

Gazzeri is situated in a strategic position on the border between Piedmont and Liguria but also near to Lombardy and Emilia thus offering visitors a mulitude of experiences and opportunities:
-  natural pathways and landscapes
-  pathways and local wildlife
-  pathways leading to hamlets and castles
-  pathways for sport or relaxation
-  food and wine pathways
-  the roads of wine and vineyards
-  pathways of ‘the dolci terre’      
-  chestnut and mushroom pathways
-  pathways of truffles
-  landscapes near to us...


The Gazzeri Residence and Country House is situated in the Comune of Tagliolo Monferrato. Its strategic position allows visitors to arrive in 30 minutes from Genoa, 1hour and 15 minutes from Milan and 1hour and 30 minutes from Turin and the respective airports using the A26, A7 or A21 motorways. The proximity of Gazzeri to Arquata Scrivia, Alexandria and Novi Ligure guarantees the opportunity to arrive by train taking the Turin-Genoa and Milan-Genoa services. 

Informations and bookings: For information about the different methods of Credit card payment please contact La Gazzeri at:  info@gazzerimonferrato.it